• Entrepreneur
  • Export Manager
  • Finance, Insurance, Tax and Customs Manager of Export & Import
  • International Marketing Manager
  • Export/Import Consultant

get to know the International Trade study program

Globalization is a necessity, which demands wider economic openness from each country, including trade between countries. Only ready business people will be taken into account in the international scene.

The International Trade Study Program aims to prepare graduates as business actors who have “KNOWLEDGE” and Global Insights as a bridge for those who desire to have an International “CAREER”, both as Business Actors/Entrepreneurs as well as Professionals/Consultants in the field of Export-Import, Global Sourcing & Procurement as well as International Sales & Marketing.


To become a pioneer and superior study program in the field of international trade in ASEAN in 2035


  1. Organising international trade education to produce graduates who have international business scientific competence, have global insight with leadership spirit, and are devoted to God Almighty
  2. Conducting research in the context of the development and application of international trade knowledge to create reliable entrepreneurs
  3. Organising community service in the field of international trade science to generate new business ideas, creativity and innovation that are beneficial to stakeholders

The Uniqueness of International Trade

The International Trade Study Program is a bridge for those who desire to have an international career, therefore choosing a major in international trade is highly recommended. The uniqueness or excellence of the International Trade Study Program at the Jakarta Institute of Technology and Business, based on a comparative study with 3 (three) national-scale study programs, a brief description of the competency profiles of all graduates of the International Trade Studies program compared to similar study programs at the level of other universities from the point of view of the field science including:

1. Having the values ​​of integrity, fairness, commitment, discipline, motivation and religion that have been inherent since the beginning of the establishment of this university.
2. The ongoing collaboration with local governments and the private sector both nationally and internationally provides many opportunities for International Trade to implement community service and create innovations for the government and the wider community.
3. Interactive and applicable lectures through Small Group Discussions and Collaborative Learning (Small Group Discussion, Collaborative Learning), Semester Projects (research projects in the field of Innovation Systems by students) and Hybrid Learning (collaborative lectures both in class and online);
4. Have the ability to carry out business and marketing activities both on a national and international scale, and carry out export and import transactions worldwide.

Semester 1 

Religion Education
Introduction to Economics
Introduction to Management
Introduction to Accounting
Business Introduction
Business English I

Semester 3

Monetary Economics
International Business Communication
Cost Accounting
Export Marketing Research
Integrated Quality Management
Risk Management
Business English II


Semester 5

Capital Market and Money Market
Negotiation Technique
Domestic & Overseas Payment Traffic
Business Feasibility Study
International Transportation Management
Research Methodology

Semester 7

Internship (PKL)

Semester 2

Civics Education
Indonesian Literature
Business Statistics
International Economics
Business Math
Marketing Management
Financial Management
E-Commerce Computer Application

Semester 4

International Trade Law
International Marketing
International Financial Management
Export and Import Procedure
Business Communication
International Business

Semester 6

International Strategy
International Trade Economy
Creative Business
Global Marketing Strategy
Export and Import Apps
Business Economics in Asia
Customs and Excise

Semester 8


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