• Digital Business Start-Up Entrepreneur
  • Scientific Data Analyst
  • Analyst in Digital Business
  • Digital Business Programming
  • Data Management Expert

get to know the digital business study program

The rapid and sophisticated development of the digital industry makes digital business graduates increasingly needed. Digital Business graduates can work at a managerial level in a variety of industries from finance and banking to start-ups. In addition, graduates from this study program can become a Technopreneur or entrepreneur in the field of technology. Compared to digital business-related study programs such as Business Administration, Business Management, Marketing, and International Business, the Digital Business study program already covers related study programs as a whole. The Digital Business study program at the Jakarta Institute of Technology and Business is present in an effort to respond to the challenges of the Industrial revolution 4.0 by preparing professionals in the digital business field to support MSME programs in other creative economy fields who have: An entrepreneurial and independent spirit, have the ability to make strategies- business development strategy, able to provide added value for the digital-based creative economy in Indonesia, and able to integrate understanding of economics and business with data science disciplines.


To become a pioneer and superior study program in the field of digital business in ASEAN by 2035


  1. Organising digital business education to produce graduates who have scientific competence in digital business with a global perspective, have leadership spirit and are devoted to God Almighty
  2. Conducting research in the context of developing and applying digital business knowledge to create reliable business entrepreneurs
  3. Organising community service in the field of business science to generate new business ideas, creativity and innovation that are beneficial to stakeholders

Semester 1 

Religion Education
Business Model
Introduction to Acounting
Introduction to Microeconomics
Computer Science
Desaign Thinking

Semester 3

Data Base System
Computer Programming 2
Business Analytics and Big Data
Cyber Security
Agile Method
Statistical Analysis (Descriptive)
Accounting Information System

Semester 5

Social Media Development
Cloud System
CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning)
Research Methodology
Consumer Behaviour Analysis

Semester 7

Cyber Security Management
Decision Making
Application Modelling
Entrepreneur and Innovation
IT Project Management
Strategic Management

Semester 2

Civics Education
Indonesian Literature
Computer Programming 1
System Analysis and Design
Management Information System
Introduction to Macroeconomics
Accounting for Decision Making

Semester 4

Data Mining
Interactive Web Design
Digital Marketing
Business Intelligence – Data Visualisation
Community Service Program

Semester 6

Internship (PKL)
Start Up
Commercial Entrepreneur
Marketing Research
Social Entrepreneur
Digital Business Simulation
Finance and Valuation

Semester 8

Trial Examination


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